At least three rockets hit near the Baghdad international Airport Late Thursday, the Iraqi military said.A total of eight missiles were fired and three landed near the airport complex, the statement said. It did detail while the attack caused casualties”

The rockets struck areas known the contain Iraqi security forces. One hit close to a central person, the second near an academy of headquarters of Rapid response regiment. No one claimed responsibility for the attacks. Us officials have previously blamed Iran-backed militia groups.

Its is the latest in a string of rocket attacks that have primarily targeted American installations in Iraq in recent weeks. On Sunday. Multiple rockets hit an Iraqi air base just north of Baghdad, wounding two Iraqi security personnel, Last month, a base in western Iraq housing US-led coalition troops and contractors was hit by 10 contractor was killed.

Calls from mainly Shiite Leaders have grown to oust US troops from Iraq after a US-directed drone strike killed Iranian Gen.Qassem soleimani and Iraqi militia Leader in Baghdad in January 2020.

Strategic talk between the Us and Iraq focused on the future of Us troop presence in the country.