Nature is vast and full of beautiful things soothe our physical and emotional senses. Beauty of nature is somewhat immortal, infinite and ever lasting. The beauties of nature are a complete reflection of artistry of Allah. Physical beauty of nature may perish for the time being but as a “things of beauty is joy for ever” so the impact of that beauty on mind would never pass in to nothingness. Beauties of nature are such a treasure which can never exhaust. Nature has many faces. They are every where. Human eye encounters the beautiful objects at every blink.

One of the many beautiful aspects of nature is the glory of the sunrise and sunset. A person who has a esthetic sense will never be able to ignore the beauty of red glow of the rising sun, and the fading twinkle of the stars. Similarly the beauty of the sunset has inspired many a sensitive and artistic people to compose praising verses, write beautiful prose and paint and capture the scene on canvas or in camera, for ever. The night sky has another face of natural beauty. As far as the eye can see, the brightly twinkle stars and be witching light of moon have no other equal to it. Under the effect of moon light this earth also becomes a fairly land, and a dream world. The changing seasons have their own beauty which have been captivating human mind for centuries and will keep impressing it till end of universe.


Spring is the sweetest of all seasons and undoubtedly the queen of seasons. In this season, the earth is full of greenery, colour and fragrance. Spring is the season of beauty and charm, hope and happiness, life and merry-making. The woods, the plains, lush green fields and meadows swaying green trees are there to attract us. The spring holds endless and countless charms and beauties .The spring temperature transition from winter cold to summer heat occurs only in middle and high latitudes; near the Equator, temperatures vary little during the year. Spring is very short in the polar regions


Autumn has its own golden, brown and ripe colours. Life which has started in spring matures in autumn. This is a season of ripeness, Maturity and completion. The autumn temperature transition between summer heat and winter cold occurs only in middle and high latitudes; in equatorial regions, temperatures generally vary little during the year. In the polar regions autumn is very short.


Summer is the season which helps the process of maturing. It has its own attractions and beauties, in the form of very tasty fruits and vegetables. The temperature contrast between summer and the other seasons exists only in middle and high latitudes; temperatures in the equatorial regions generally vary little from month to month.


Winter with its cold, frost and fog has another dimension of beauty. It is a season of white grey and black colours. Snow and frost have stunning effect an human mind and is no less attractive than dark clouds and whistling winds.  The low temperatures associated with winter occur only in middle and high latitudes; in equatorial regions, temperatures are almost uniformly high throughout the year.

On one side, nature has the grandeur of high, heaven kissing snow capped mountains and deep green valleys. On the other side it, has the mysteries and immeasurable beauty of deep blue seas. Nature preserves beauty in sandy desolate and barren deserts in the form of oasis. Its tall date the trees growing around the spring of clear water show the most beautiful scenes to tried and thirsty travelers. Nature has endless treasures of beauty in the form of different beautiful living creatures. The world of birds, beasts which have different shapes, sizes and colour and are the inhabitants of earth, sky and water. They are every where and all the time They are beautifying the nature simply by being there.

Human beings, “The crown of creation” are definitely the most beautiful of all. Their beauty is present in their form of body, brain and soul. Beauty is present in the form human creations such as mother, sister, brother and father, friend and companion. it is present in the smiling face of a child, praying hand of mother, and worried form of a father.

Nature is full of beauties which are present, almost in everything scattered around us. Rightly it is said,

Beauty is truth, truth is beauty”

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