Discipline means to do a thing in an orderly manner. it is strict obedience to certain rules and regulations. A great discipline is found in the working of the universe. our stars, earth, moon and sun all obey the will of Allah and move in a set pattern. The seasons come and go in an orderly manner. The flowers and fruit on the plants and trees come out at their regular time. The rivers and the seas are also punctual in their movement. if they become irregular in their function, they are bound to create disorder in the universe.

Discipline is required in every field of life. Our great leader Quid-e-Azam has strongly advocated the cause of discipline, He says that the progress of a nation lies in following the principles of Unity, Faith and discipline. Our religion Islam also urges us to foster unity and discipline in our ranks. First, comes the importance if self-discipline in Islam. Self-discipline is based on self-Knowledge. A man must know all about himself. We must discipline ourselves thoroughly. We should try to remove the faults of our conduct. We should detect what is wrong and try to avoid it. Self-discipline implies desire for self improvement, confession of weakness and resolution. A man of discipline habits is loved and valued by every body.

Discipline is taught in schools, A student’s work and play are regulated by his teachers. He is not allowed to break this discipline of the schools. A well disciplined life is a successful life and the student must master it for the sake of his career. Child is the father of man. If we have to discipline a man, he should be discipline as a child. Discipline is an inevitable condition in the army. It is maintained rigorously. A moment’s hesitation may bring about destruction. An ill disciplined regiment may bring defeat and shame to the whole nation. Discipline is an essential condition for the growth of society and spread of civilization. It is wrong to say that discipline is the negation of individual liberty. Discipline does not mean iron rule. There are laws for the smooth working of society.

Games from a good example of discipline. On playfields, discipline is taught and maintained. The individual player must play the game not for himself but for the team. In the same manner, an individual in a society must follow the laws of society even if he has to sacrifice his own interest. A member of a society cannot be allowed to do whatever he likes. In all organizations, religions, political, economic, social or educational rules and regulations must be observed for the progress of the society. lack of discipline leads to idleness, increased ignorance and disorder.

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