The activities which we purse in our spare time are called hobbies. Everybody wants to have leisure after his day’s full work. Life in the modern age is very busy. Everybody is involved in one problem or the other. He is worried and feels uneasy. He always feels the burden of work on his mind. His tried body needs rest and relaxation. That is why, a weekly holiday is available to every worker. The aim is to relax the nerves. Everybody has his own method of relaxation. We can divide the activities which people undertake to relax themselves into two groups, healthy activities and unhealthy activities .Healthy activities include many things. There are people who take apart in games and sports to relax their nerves. They prevent them from getting fat. They make them ready to do next day’s work with full pleasure and joy. At the same time, games and sports leave a very good influence on their character. The games and sports can divide into two groups, outdoor games and indoor games.

Outdoor games are especially very useful for developing a man’s mind and body. Outdoor games include swimming, cricket, football and hokey. these are the favorite games of the people. They are viewed and watched with great interest. People spend their leisure time on indoor activities. They read books and enjoy the T.V. Reading of books has a joy of its own. It broadens our mind and enlarges our knowledge. Sitting before T.V. too is healthy activity. We see various interesting programs on T.V. and are enlightened. These healthy activities are very useful for human mind.

There are many people who spend their leisure in unhealthy activities. When they are tried, they resort to drinking and gambling. Drinking of wine may relieve them of their depression for sometime but it has evil influence. Drinking has ruined many families. This social evil is an enemy of man’s health, wealth and reputation. Gambling too has its bad points. Gambling is wastage of money and time. A gambler and a drunkard cannot have a happy time.

There are people who spend their leisure in reading vulgar books and seeing obscene films on the V.C.R. Those are unhealthy activities . They leave a negative influence on our body, mind and character. They stir in us the base feeling of love, violence and romanticism. Nobody can defend these two activities. There are people who take part in horse racing. Horse racing is a sort of gambling. It is a loss of our money and time. Horse racers cannot do anything except horse racing. They are deeply absorbed in this activity. Their lot is also miserable.

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