Gifts occupy an important place in our social life. They build our relations with other people. We exchange gifts with other people on our festivals. The Eid gifts, the birthday gifts and gifts exchanged between friends are the routine of our life. They speak of our love for one another. There are gifts which are given merely out of material considerations. A subordinate may give a gift to his office in order to win his favor. Gifts are given as a form of bribery. Such gifts are not liked any anybody in the society. Our religion attaches great importance to the exchange of gifts. The Holy Prophet ( PBUH ) has duly stressed the need and importance of exchanging gifts. He has urged us to exchange gifts because they increase love among us.

But the gifts given as bribery do not increase love. They are the expression of our selfish nature. They are given to get some material benefit. Real gifts are the expression of our inner goodness and sincerity. They build love between a husband and wife, a lover and his beloved, a teacher and the taught. Gifts should not be exploited for selfish interests. It is very difficult to select the right type of gift. It is wrong to overload people with what they already possess. We offer silver button hooks to a friend on marriage when he already possesses a plentiful of them. Articles of furniture exchanged between families are not gifts. There is no element of surprise in them. Some people buy gifts from the market and present them to their friends and relatives.

This is a business like and mechanical way of presenting gifts. The selection of gifts is an art. our gifts must represent two things. First, they must fulfil the needs of our friends and relatives. Second, they must be the creation of ourselves. They must be the part of our own nature. A photographer must present the best photograph to his friends. A poet should give his poem as a gift to others. Such creative gifts become a part of the memory of the person who receives them. A gift must not be asked for. It should be unexpected like a lily in winter and should not smack of a commercial transaction. It should reflect the personality and temperament of the giver of the gift. Even a small insignificant gift on the part of the giver should be welcomed with feeling of the gratitude. Small gift like flowers, branches of trees, perfume or rose leaf should not be discouraged. They are also remembered by the recipient with feeling of thankfulness and emotion.

Gifts are token of love, trust and good will. They play an important part in making as love one another. They stir our memory and sentiment. They arouse our feelings of generosity. The giving of gift brings to surface all the good qualities which we possess. They make us humble and help us shedding of our pride and vanity. Its our goodness for other which urge us to give gifts to our nations and help us our coming our prejudices and base feelings.

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