Travelling has always been considered a part of education by all thinkers and writers of the world. We can get education and knowledge by two ways, study of books and by means of travelling.

Knowledge gained from book is theoretical and imperfect. It is second hand knowledge. We can get first hand knowledge from our meeting with men and women. The knowledge which we get from our acquaintance with things and men can be called fresh and first hand. It has been rightly said by Shakespeare “Home keeping youth have homely wits”. It is our mixing with men and women which bestows on us real knowledge. It is only through travelling that we learn more about the living habits, morals and customs of people than by reading books.

All the great scholars and writers have considered travelling as a part of education. Almost all great scholars from Chaucer to Russell travelled abroad to complete their education. Ibne-khaldoon, Ibne-e-batuta, Sheikh Saadi and others great writers and historians of the East were all given to foreign travel. It shows that they too were convinced about the utility of travelling.

Travelling enriches our knowledge of history. A visit to taxila, Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro can reveal to us so many points of their civilization, on which our books are silent. If we go to Egypt, we can learn many things about Pharaoh and Pyramids. Travelling to India may also enrich us with beauties of architecture which the Moghul emperors employed during their rule. One may be impressed by beauty of Jamia Mosque Delhi and Lal Qila. we can go to Europe and see paintings in the churches of Rome and Florence. Travelling can also increase our knowledge of geography.

A traveler becomes a great historian, politician and economic scholar at the same time. When a person travels to another country, he gets an opportunity to study the social, political and economic problems of that country. He also studies its traditions, culture and living style of its people. He makes a comparative study of that country with his country in each field of life. In this way, he comes to know which thing is better for the people of his country. A comparative study fills him good and bad points of both the countries.

Travelling leaves a healthy influence on a man’s character. It trains his character and polishes his habits. It gives a new color to his manners. Travelling broadens his vision and enlarges his sympathies. He shakes off his narrow mindedness. He becomes a member of international community. He becomes liberal and develops a sort of tolerance in him. He comes to know his short coming and weakness, when he compares his manners with others. He accepts his shortcomings with patience.

Travelling also produces in us love for beautiful things. It matures and develops our aesthetic sense. “our artistic feelings are awakened to see beautiful lands, lovely valleys and mighty oceans. The appreciation of beautiful things brings us close to Allah. We are overawed by the beauty and mystery of God’s universe. We can say that travelling is a useful and healthy activity of man’s life.

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