Life has its great importance because it has no any other substitute. Life is full of hard nuts to crack which definitely bring an alarming lessons with them. The only people who are successful in their life are those who learn from their failures.

Life is as beautiful as important if one has to bring an apple pie order in it. Sadness, grief, happiness, loss and gain are all the crux of our lives. Sometimes there is benefit in loss as well as loss in gain while there are many people in this world who put themselves in burning the fingers and make it cut and dried for others. Its right said by Mae west “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

In our daily life, the stuff of happiness, sorrow and sadness are parallel to each other. Sometimes failures of life make a person frustrated due to which most of the people stops working. Similarly, instead of taking the bull by horns, a person sinks into a deep sea and then time comes when man gets fed up with the difficulties and becomes frustrated with his life. It is mandatory for us to do struggle and hard work as reward is in the custody of Allah. It is definite to have a purposeful life. Life is a great blessing of Allah. So we should appreciate it. Allah Almighty has blessed us with many blessings in this world.

Nature has a deep connection with our life. If I talk about this world, then the sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers and greenery etc. are not less than a blessing in this world. As the sun gives us light and heat and the rising of the sun behind the mountains is also an enchanting sight. While the view of the sunset from the beach is so captivating, that people are drawn to the sea in the evening. In addition, the rising and setting of the moon also creates sufferings from various mental states. While the substitution of day and night is also an alarming and charming sight. Albert Einstein once said “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to People or thing.

If I talk about flora, then in the form of dense forests or in the form of beautiful grass and fragrant flowers, great signs of nature can be seen everywhere. The beauty of nature draws our attention towards it. Every human being enjoys these beautiful moments of nature. But unfortunately we do not value these blessings. We should appreciate them as nature is very beautiful. Of course, man is still trying to turn the corner in his life so that he can live his life in a calm way. 

If we learn to live with nature and spend our time with these beautiful moments of nature then surely we can live a quiet life.

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