Dreams are as old as human beings are. They are in reality a psychological phenomenon. Only human beings see dreams. According to the psychologists, we see dreams in our sleep because at that time, our mind is awake and our body is a sleep. Our experiences of daily life are projected into dreams. The mind wakes up earlier than the body, It does not need as much rest as the body. As soon as it awakes, it begins to weave experiences of daily life are projected into dreams.

In dreams sometimes, the experiences are real, sometimes there is a confused series of experience. Some dreams are very pleasant and romantic. Due to this reason, some places are called ‘dream land” in common talk. One gets up early in the morning very much pleased with what one has seen. on the other hand, some dreams are very fearful. They are called “nightmares“. A person is sleeping soundly, others are also sleeping near him. All of a sudden, he gives out a terrible shriek. He gets up startled. He tells us that in his dream he has seen a snake or enemy in the dream. The snake was about to bite him.

There are many reasons for dreams.

First, the old thinkers have given importance to the memory element in dreams. it is with the help of our memory that we visualize the real things of life. Aristotle was of the opinion that dreams were due to the impression left by objects seen with the eyes of the body. Plato connected dreaming with the normal working operations of the mind. The old people thought that the ghosts of the dead people visited the dreamer. modern discoveries about human nature have rejected the views of the old people.

Secondly, the modern phycologist Freud has given own explanation about dreams. His book “The Interpretation of Dreams” occupies an important place on the subject. He gives us four reasons for dreams. Firstly, the dreamer is disturbed in his dream by external objects. A mosquito may bite him, the clouds may roar and the alarm bell may ring. These are external things which disturb our sleep and make us see dreams. Secondly, the dreamer is disturbed by inner disturbance of his body or mind. It happens in case of his mental or physical illness. In this disturbed state, we see dreams. Thirdly, we may dream when one of our five senses is disturbed. Lastly, the ideas stored in our mind, come out in the form of dreams disguised forms. Freud holds, that there are dreams in which we fulfil our wishes. These unfulfilled desires go in to our unconscious mind and come out again at night in the form of dreams. These wishes take a disguised shape. A beggar may consider himself a prince his dream or an old man may dream of becoming of a child.

There are certain dreams which indicate future. These are the dreams of pious and noble people. such were the dreams of Prophet Jacob. prophet Ibrahim and king of Egypt. Prophet Jacob saw the sun and stars bowing before him. The King of Egypt dreamt that he saw seven lean cows and seven fat cows. This dream was interpreted by Prophet Joseph. he told that the seven lean cows stood for seven years of adversity while the seven fat cows stood for rich and prosperous years.

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